Key Statistics of the Malaysia's Economy

The Department of Statistics Malaysia (www.dosm.gov.my) is a premier government agency entrusted with the responsibility to collect, interpret & disseminate latest and real time statistics in the monitoring of national economic performance and social development.

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Today’s modern business must run on a data-driven environment. We should let the data speak for themselves. We understand the importance of having good data in making the right business decision. Business leaders need to make decisions based on facts, trends and statistical numbers.

We started our law firm during the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic in October 2020. The world’s economy has suffered a huge blow; many businesses have been forced to reduce operations or shut down resulting in large scale loss of jobs. Economists said that we are facing the worst recession since the Great Depression.

However, the pandemic has also reshaped the economy and the way we conduct our business and daily affairs. It has also accelerated the shift towards the adoption of technology. As a technology-focused, digitally-driven law firm, we felt that we have to do something to help with our nation’s economy. That’s why we embarked on this project.

We sifted through various reports, presentation decks and policy documents from prominent organisations and government agencies to put together these key statistics of Malaysia’s Economy.

Our objective is simple: to provide more insights into the current state of economy in Malaysia so as to help businesses make informed decisions to invest and expand their businesses in Malaysia. With investment, businesses will create more job opportunities to Malaysians, bring more foreign talents and technology into Malaysia, build better infrastructures and open up new source of growth to spur productivity and incomes, as we move towards our goal to become a high-income nation.

Note: We presented the key statistics on a high-level basis. On each slide, you will find reference to the source document, which we encourage you to read those documents to get more in-depth analysis and data. If you wish to download a copy of this guide, click here. 

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Key Statistics of
Malaysia’s Economy

Make informed, data driven business decisions with our handy compilation of highlights in Malaysia’s economy.

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