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Legal Guide to Contracts

Master the basic knowledge of contract law to gain the most out of every transaction!

Topics in the e-Guide

  • Reasons for Contract

  • What Is A Contract?

  • How To Draft A Contract?

  • How To Review A Contract?

  • How To Negotiate A Contract?

  • Important Contractual Term


Businesses sign and enter into contracts everyday. But do you know what you are signing when you put your signature on the dotted line? Do you know what are the implications for each clause in the contract?

This e-guide sets out some basic information about contracts – from drafting, negotiating to using them. Master the basic knowledge of contract law to gain the most out of every transaction!

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Responsibilities of Executor:

  • Apply for and extract the grant of probate.
  • Make arrangements for the funeral of the deceased.
  • Collect and make an accurate inventory of the deceased’s assets.
  • Settling the debts and obligations of the deceased.
  • Distributing the assets.

Note for Digital Executor:
If you wish to leave your digital assets to certain people in your Will, there are important steps that need to be taken to ensure that your wishes can be carried out:

  • Keep a note of specific instructions on how to access your username and password of your digital asset.
  • You are advised to store these private and confidential information in a USB stick, password management tool or write them down.
  • Please inform your executor or a trusted person of the whereabouts of the tools so that they will have access to your digital asset.
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